Careers & Education

The UK Naval business sector employs around 25,000 people in a small number of large independent companies supported by a very broad and innovative supply network that includes many small and medium sized companies. The turn-over of the sector is approximately £3Bn/year with very significant income from the export of naval technology.

The industry is spread across the UK with major waterfront sites for building and support at Glasgow, Rosyth, Portsmouth and Plymouth.

The product portfolio of the sector spans warships (from large aircraft carriers to small boats), submarines and their associated systems & equipment (from complex combat systems to highly integrated marine equipment). In addition, the sector provides research & development, design services, training and education at all levels. Undergraduate courses in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and all associated Engineering disciplines are world-leading.

The ability to integrate highly complex multi-discipline systems within warships and submarines is recognised as a key sovereign capability for the UK.

The industry offers career opportunities for several hundred new graduates every year drawn from across the mathematics, science, engineering and technology disciplines.

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