L3 Marine Systems UK

L3 MAPPS Ltd division was created in 2005 as a UK provider for the L3 MAPPS division in Montreal, Canada. L3 MAPPS has offices in Barrow, Burgess Hill and Bristol and currently employs over 160 skilled employees including Through-Life Support Specialists, Marine Engineers, System and Test Engineers, and Hardware and Software Designers.

L3 MAPPS Limited, with its 25+ year history, provides extensive infrastructure geared to developing, delivering and fully supporting tailored cutting-edge Navigation, Communication, Automation and Training Solutions for the commercial and military marine sectors, including the Royal Navy’s Surface and Sub-Surface Fleets plus the European Commercial Market

L3 MAPPS has been a key partner or supplier for many prestigious endeavours including Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS) design, delivery and support for the Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers, Astute Class Submarines, Albion Class Landing Platform Dock Ships and most recently secured the contract to supply IPMS for the Type 26 Frigate.

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