Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is the organisation that equips and supports the United Kingdom's armed forces for current and future operations. It acquires and supports through-life, including disposal, equipment and services ranging from ships, aircraft, vehicles and weapons, to electronic systems and information services. DE&S also satisfies ongoing requirements including food, clothing medical supplies, maintenance and temporary accommodation, as well as operating HM Naval Bases and joint supply chain for land, sea and air.

The Defence Engineering & Science Group (DESG) is a community of 9,000 professional engineers and scientists working within MoD Civil Service to equip and support the UK Armed Forces with state of the art technology. The UK needs modern, battle-winning forces to defend its interests and to contribute to strengthening international peace and security. These forces increasingly depend on scientific and technological advances to maintain their ability to operate effectively. We are truly the force behind the forces. DESG offers probably the UK’s top graduate development scheme for engineers and scientists; it includes huge professional investment in you and an accelerated path to Professional Chartership.

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