Joining UKNEST

UKNEST is open to public and private organisations with substantial interests in naval engineering, science and technology.


1. Introduction

The UKNEST Forum was founded in 2005 to promote the Engineering, Science & Technology interests of UK Naval Defence. The Forum enables a dialogue to focus on topics of mutual importance across the Ministry of Defence (Royal Navy, Defence Equipment & Support and the Defence Science & Technology Laboratories) and UK Industry.

2. Purpose & Objectives

The principal purpose of UKNEST is to enable the UK Naval Enterprise to be the best in the world through great people, collaboration and superior technology.

The key Objectives are to:

  • recruit, train, retain, and develop the careers of human talent across the Naval Enterprise as well as champion STEM;
  • sustain the UK’s maritime capability now and in the future; enable new capability and support existing capability;
  • understand and assimilate new technologies;
  • maintain the UK’s international resilience in a militarily and industrially competitive world.
  • actively promote and communicate the importance and impact of the UK Naval Enterprise.

3. Membership

Membership of UKNEST is open to public and private organisations with substantial interests in the naval engineering, science and technology intellectual base, and significant UK professional assets.

The annual subscription (2015) is £6,000.

Membership provides representation on the UKNEST Programme Board.

Representatives will speak on behalf of their companies and will not seek to influence the actions of UK NEST or other Member organization for their self-interests.

Membership of UKNEST is on a “one organization, one Representative” basis, except where the Programme Board approves multiple membership for an organization whose structure suggests that more than one representative might be appropriate. In this circumstance multiple membership fees would be payable.

UKNEST is maintained on a not-for-profit basis with annual membership fees set at a level to permit execution of the Forum’s activity.

Members fund the full cost of their own participation at meetings etc.

The current members are:

  • Atlas Elektronik UK
  • Babcock International Group
  • BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Shipsand Submarines
  • BMT Defence Services
  • Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL)
  • GE Power Conversion
  • Institute of Marine Engineering Science & Technology (IMarEST)
  • L3 MAPPS
  • Leonardo
  • Lloyds Register
  • Locheed Martin UK
  • Matchtech
  • Ministry of Defence – Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S)
  • QinetiQ
  • Rolls Royce
  • Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA)
  • Royal Navy (RN)
  • Saab
  • Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA)
  • Thales UK
  • Wärtsilä

4. Operating Model

The Forum operates under the direction of a Programme Board whose agenda is set through a separate Coordinating Group whose members are co-opted by the Chair and/or nominated through the Members.  The leaders of the Working Groups are permanent members of the Coordinating Group.

The Forum delivers through a number of Working Groups that address specific areas of interest.  The Working Groups draw their representation from across the Members with nominated leaders.

The day-to-day functioning of the Forum is facilitated through the Working Groups Chairs and the Executive Coordinator.

5. Current Working Groups

  • People
  • Technology
  • Communications

6. FutureNEST

In addition to the principal UKNEST Forum, there is an ad hoc, organic organization (FutureNEST) that has evolved through the graduate trainees within the Members.  FutureNEST provides additional resources for the development of specific initiatives in support of the Working Groups.  Each Member organization will normally provide between 1 and 3 graduate representatives

7.For further details contact the secretariat