Kevin Heaney

Name: Kevin Heaney

Age: 22

University: University of Southampton

Degree: Ship Science: Naval Architecture

Date of Award: 2012

invaluable experience to network with the senior members of the naval industry

Brief Summary of Scholarship

After I completed a summer placement with BMT Defence Services I applied for and was awarded the UKNEST scholarship for my final year of University.

Although the bursary helps I found the most useful part of the scholarship to be the mentorship. In my fourth year of university I had to complete a group design project, access to a senior member of the naval industry was extremely beneficial and afforded me the opportunity to ask for advice, and get feedback on the project and ultimately improved what we were able to achieve in the project. I also found my mentor to be an excellent resource for career advice, whether that is with regards to obtaining summer placements or graduate jobs.

Throughout the scholarship I was also able to attend two of the dinners that occur after UKNEST meetings, these were invaluable experience to network with the senior members of the naval industry and here their views, opinions and advice. Through the scholarship I was also able to visit Portsmouth Dockyard and see the construction of the QE Class Aircraft Carrier.

The UKNEST scholarship helped me decide to pursue my career in the naval industry so after I graduated I became a Naval Architect with BMT Defence Services. I also joined the FutureNEST working group as I found involvement with UKNEST to be an excellent opportunity to see how the senior sections of the naval industry work, how they envisage future of the industry and any problems that may be encountered, which is something that is very difficult to get exposure to as a student or graduate. It also allows me to form a network of contacts throughout the industry and aids my professional development towards becoming a chartered engineer.