Megan Doyle

Name: Megan Doyle

Age: 23

University: University of Bath

Degree: MEng Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Date of Award: 2013

The exposure to the huge variety of companies involved in the naval industry has been incredible

How did you hear about the scholarship scheme?

While I was on placement with Babcock in 2012-3 one of the summer placement students mentioned to me about the scholarship

What do you think was the greatest benefit of having the scholarship?

The continued exposure to the naval engineering industry, especially links and support with group and individual university projects

What other benefits did you find while being on the scholarship scheme?

Following my year in industry placement with Babcock, this scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue to develop my interest in the naval engineering sector through discussions with my mentor and opportunities for visits, such as to the Submarine Race in July 2014. My interview also gave me an insight into Lloyd’s Register which I did not know a lot of information about previously. For my second semester this year I organised a placement project with Babcock which was supported by my mentor and if I hadn’t been completing this project, my mentor had discussed opportunities to visit other interesting marine engineering sites.

A part of the scholarship I hadn’t realised would be really beneficial was the submission of a report each semester and a final year report explaining my achievements and work throughout the year; this opportunity of reflection was really interesting and made me appreciate all the activities I have been involved in this year as well as making me aware of my own personal development.Did you find the time spent with your mentor useful?

Yes, my Mentor suggested various visits which would be really interesting and I discussed with him about my project with Babcock in my second semester. Our discussions gave me the opportunity to find out more about careers in the naval engineering industry and I also had the chance to discuss my module choices with him for my final year.

What meetings/events did you attend through being on the UKNEST scholarship?

I attended the Submarine Races at QinetiQ with my mentor which was a really interesting day to see the human- powered submarines students have been working on and to hear from a huge variety of companies involved in the naval industry.

How has being on the scholarship scheme affected your view on the naval industry?

The exposure to the huge variety of companies involved in the naval industry has been incredible. I have found that learning about companies that are less-closely related to the MOD has been really interesting as they are using really new, innovative technologies to solve naval engineering problems which are usually not possible with MOD projects due to security and safety concerns.

This scholarship has confirmed to me that this is one of the most interesting, diverse and challenging sectors of engineering there is and I want to continue to develop my skills to support it in my future career.

Has the scholarship had any effect on your future career path?

I am about to commence my final year of my MEng degree and the scholarship and support I have received this year has been phenomenal. My previous experience of the naval industry has been based at Babcock in Plymouth but the exposure the scholarship has given me has made me appreciate the huge range of careers within the naval sector and will have a huge impact on my graduate scheme applications this next year.