Hints & Tips

The engineering detail of your designs will be different depending on your school year. Here are some design aspects that you might want to consider:

Where do we start?
First things first, come up with your team name!

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to start to imagine what your design will be:

  1. How can your design get quickly to the stranded people?
  2. How can your design get people swiftly from the water?
  3. How big does your design need to be to hold 1000 people?
  4. What features have you designed that will help rescue 1000 people?
  5. How will your design take care of the rescued people?
  6. What materials will you need to construct your idea?

What should we make?

Designs should be shown on an A3 Poster, along with all of the features and information about the vessel. This can either be done by hand or on a computer, it’s up to you! For younger students, a hand drawn poster will be expected, and should look something like this:

Older students may wish to create the poster on a computer, and should use a layout similar to this:

You should use the ’Key Design Features’ space to talk in more detail about your vessel’s main features and how they make it possible to rescue people. Year 11 & 12 students will be required to carry out a more in-depth design, but should use a similar layout.

The vessels shown in the example posters above have no imaginative features, and probably wouldn’t be very effective at rescuing 1000 people from the sea!


  • Some people might not be able to climb ladders and it would take a long time to get everyone out of the water, can you think of a better way?
  • This vessel will have to be really big if it is going to fit all 1000 people on board, is there any way to avoid this?
  • This looks like a normal shape for a vessel. Would another shape be better for this kind of rescue mission?

How can we submit our design?

When you are happy with your design, you should let your teacher know and they will submit the poster via the online submission form. If you have made a poster using a computer, it should be sent as a .pdf. Hand drawn posters must be scanned in before being submitted as a .pdf.

Your File Name MUST be in the format School Name_Team Name_Year Group

It MUST be included on the drawing/computer generated poster.